Henderson Implant Dentistry Revolutionizes Tooth Replacement

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Published: 25th October 2012
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Henderson Dental Implants: An Alternative to Dentures

If you have to deal with uncomfortable, ill-fitting dentures, then you should know that today there are terrific alternatives available right here in Henderson. Dental implants are revolutionizing tooth replacement as a healthier long-term alternative to dentures. With dental implants, you won't have to worry about lower dentures that float, food working its way under your denture, or dentures that fit less securely as time goes on. Many people who wear dentures lose bone mass in their jaws and this causes denture fit to change over time. Dental implants eliminate almost all problems associated with dentures.

Why Implants Are Better than Dentures

Dental implants are far more comfortable than dentures, and they function like natural teeth. When you replace a missing tooth or missing teeth with dental implants, you are able to chew normally, speak normally, and look better. Implants do not wobble and they don't pinch or cause pain or gum irritation. If you get dental implants before you lose bone mass in your jaw, you can prevent this problem, because dental implants let you chew normally, which is the key to maintaining good bone structure in the jaw. With implants, your self confidence will soar because you look better, speak better, and are able to eat the foods you want.

How the Implant Procedure Is Done

Dental implants can be performed by a qualified Henderson implant dentist under local anesthesia. Many patients choose oral sedation for this procedure for added comfort. In the first part of the process, a hole is created in the jawbone, and a small titanium cylinder is inserted. Dental impressions are created, and an implant denture is made while you wait. The denture is then screwed into place. You will be instructed to stick to a soft food diet for a period while your jaw adjusts to the implants. After a period of a few months, you will be scheduled for appointments for fabrication of new, permanent teeth that are made with a strong metal substructure. These are installed and your dentist then makes any needed adjustments for the best appearance.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Henderson Implant Dentistry?

In general, people who are healthy enough to have a tooth extracted are suitable for dental implants. Your Henderson dentist will help you determine whether you are a suitable candidate after a thorough dental exam including x-rays and a CT scan. If so, you can look forward to getting rid of your traditional dentures for good.

Maintaining Your Henderson Dental Implants

If you care for your dental implants and receive regular dental care, you can enjoy your dental implants for 25 years or more. You must still practice good oral hygiene as you would with natural teeth. Your Henderson dentist will show you how to care for your dental implants with proper brushing and flossing techniques. Implant dentistry is a terrific alternative to dentures because properly made implants look and function just like natural, healthy teeth. You will no longer have to worry about your dentures slipping or causing pain, and that's a great reason to smile!

In Henderson, dental implants are one of the most commonly requested procedures—and with good reason. Dentures are becoming a thing of the past because they can be difficult to manage, but with Henderson implant dentistry, you can have permanent teeth installed that look and feel like real teeth. To learn more about it, go to drfeatherstone.com.

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